Kerr & Nappier Travel Mug  14oz

Kerr & Nappier Travel Mug 14oz

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The ecoffee cup range is the eco-friendly choice of travel mug! It is created using the world's fastest growing & most sustainable crop, naturally organic bamboo fibre and non-GMO corn starch. What sets this range aside from the rest is the mug is bio-degradable; when you're finished with your mug, simply crush it, soak it in boiling water and bury it with your organic compost to start the biodegrading process. The mug is also super-light and has a fully re-sealable lid. We have a wide range of fun, stylish & contemporary designs in stock so you should be able to find one that suits you!

  • Made from naturally organic bamboo fibre and non-GMO corn starch
  • Dishwashersafe
  • Biodegradable at end of product life
  • Holds 14oz of liquid

Our range of eco-friendly travel mugs work brilliantly and are all environmentally friendly. If you want to stop using cups supplied my cafes then switching to travel mugs make a great eco-friendly alternative.